Thursday, October 30, 2014

"I was caught over the limit"

 I was caught over the limit

That's the front page headline on the DomPost cover this morning.

The  event wasn't yesterday, or last year, or even in the last two decades. It was 27 years ago - more than half of the new Police Minister's lifetime.

He disclosed the crime to the National Party in 2008 when applying to be a candidate, and admitted to it when questioned by a DomPost journalist.  He's honest.

But I wonder what is the moral point of the clean slate legislation? Society agreed that some crimes should be wiped after a period of time because they were committed when people were young, they've had a clean record since and the conviction might restrict the individual's ability to get a job or travel.

Obviously the DomPost has a less charitable view.

It also employed a photo that suggests a distressed Minister (whereas the on-line version is the polar opposite).

Tacky, tacky, tabloidism.


Jamie said...

Here Here Lindsay

tranquil said...

"Tacky, tacky, tabloidism."

The MSM are utterly abysmal in this country.
This is the end result of the left's "long march through the institutions" - the schools, universities and teacher-training colleges.
I can't see things changing at any time in the foreseeable future.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

There there, Jamie.

Jamie said...

I ain't exclusive Adolf,
I go where the action is...