Tuesday, September 09, 2014

"New ACT"

NotPC has blogged about ACT - the ACT Party he always wanted to hear from.

You know, I’ve waited nearly all my life for any party other than Libertarianz to say that, or anything like that.
To say that and actually mean it.
I’ve waited nearly two decades for any other party to say that recognising property rights means the Resource Management Act must go, must be abolished, must be repealed, binned, burned, destroyed. I’ve waited exactly that long for someone, anyone, to recognise that in binning it we don’t need to replace it with more town planning, but with the good old-fashioned protection of common law – protection for property rights and environment combined that has over eight-hundred years of sophistication in dealing with the issues the RMA purports to deal with, but doesn’t.

Later, he calls the party "New ACT."

You know, that's not a bad handle. Shame ACT couldn't have gotten the uniquely creative  John Ansell on board (as risky as he is) to work on it. I never thought a complete name overhaul would do it - The Liberals, The Freedom Party, etc. But this is an efficient modification without the loss of (any positive) brand  continuity.

Shame though.

It's now fully 10 days to polling day.


Anonymous said...

After reading Jamie's speeches, I will vote for him, and hope that ACT get enough votes for 2 MPs so that he also gets in. (I know of others who plan to do likewise.)

Peter Cresswell said...

It worked for Tony Blair with New Labour -- coupled with his very public repudiation of Clause 4.

It could work (or could have worked) for Jamie -- if it were coupled with a very public repudiation of the politically toxic Hide and Banks.

Anonymous said...

ACT are dead.Thank god...ideological wankers divorced from reality and humanity.