Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Metiria climbs back on and ups the ante

Despite the Green's judgment that child poverty is "the issue of our time" obviously not enough people agree. Or if they do, not with their cash hand-out solutions. They failed to make any headway on Saturday. Yet Turei persists:

“John Key has stated he wants to leave New Zealand in a better place than how he found it, but he cannot do that until he acknowledges that over 205,000 children live in severe poverty."
The hyperbole has escalated. 'Poverty' is now preceded by 'severe'.

It is frustrating and time-consuming to continually have to identify and  verify each new number the Greens trot out.

Here is the source. 205,000 children in households below the 'moving line' 50% threshold.

So sorry for the repetition but here is a breakdown of the 50% children. Low income and deprivation applies to a minority. Roughly 150,000 children (blue) experience 50% threshold low incomes but are not deprived.


Nick K said...

Just call her what she is: A liar.

Anonymous said...

she should realise the priority is...having a referendum on a new flag...Key must be right...he won!

Anonymous said...

She hasn't learned anything from the spanking the Greens got on Saturday. Labour look to be in the same boat as well.

Anonymous said...

In other news, 50% of millionaires are worth less than the average millionaire, 50% of green voters have worse hygiene than the average greens voter, and in a statistical aberration, 100% of green party MPs do not understand how statistics work.

- Tom