Saturday, September 27, 2014

A classic media beat-up story

My attention  was drawn to the following Telegraph article which claims:

Stay-at-home mothers 'have the most worthwhile lives'

Mothers who have put their career aside to care for their children have a stronger sense that their lives are “worthwhile” than the rest of society, official figures suggest.
New findings from the UK’s national “well-being” index show that those classed as economically inactive because they are caring for a family or home are also among the happiest people in Britain.

I had a look at the tables.

When  specifically asked how "worthwhile" they considered their lives, stay-at-home carers (who could be male) nudge out part-time workers, presumably many of whom are mums, with an average rating of 8.03 over 7.96. Overall the employed rate 7.85 and the retired 7.92

In a further table people are asked to rate their life satisfaction out of ten. The stay-at-home carers have an average rating of 7.51

The employed rate 7.62, retired 7.81, and students 7.74 - all higher though there's not much in it.

In this table the so-called stay-at-home mums are only a "stand-out" because they are grouped with other people who are economically inactive due to illness or discouragement. The low ratings are all associated with ill-health and, to a lesser degree, divorce.

On the whole most people in Britain seem pretty happy and getting happier.Not a headline grabber though.

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