Saturday, August 09, 2014

Bennett versus Turei on Prime last night

Did anyone watch Paula Bennett face off with Metiria Turei last night on Sean Plunket's new Prime TV show?

Paula can smile with eyes that are steely. She is the one that has had to do all the often thankless reform work over the past
six years; handle all the obnoxious personal critcisms. And having to put up with the smug, only-ever-been-in-opposition Metiria Turei at times making stuff up, brought out a display of the dour determination Bennett has needed.

Bennett won on the strength of evidence and strength of character.

But also of note, on Left side was Alan Johnson who is researcher for the Salvation Army Social Policy Unit. He conceded that the youth reforms have made a real difference to the numbers of teen parents and youth on a benefit.

This is hugely significant. After I really began to grasp welfare statistics, I realised that stopping the teenage inflow was crucial. That is what Bennett has started to achieve.

Metiria wasn't buying the youth reforms. Doesn't like the micromanagement,  reciprocal obligations, sanctions and money management. Still wants an unconditional ride with higher payment rates. I pray she gets nowhere near cabinet, ever.


Marc said...

Meteria Turei's rational that giving them "more money" will solve everything is just so lame. It hasn't worked before, won't ever work ever, and will in fact just make "poverty" worse the more money you give. NZ's poverty is not lack of money, it is lack of skill and understanding of how to make what opportunity you have to make a positive difference. It's not taxpayers' duty to make sure you get to live a lifestyle of your choosing - it is just to give you the opportunity to make choices and get the best outcome. Sometimes it means working hard and making hard decisions, something that many complainers just can't understand.

Brendan McNeill said...

"After I really began to grasp welfare statistics, I realised that stopping the teenage inflow was crucial."


homepaddock said...

Paula had facts and good policy aimed at helping those in most need to counter the so often disproved theory that scattering money will solve problems better than targeting it.