Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Winston denial about horse ownership is not adding up

Winston Peter's name is still listed in the ownership of Bellazeel.

It was winning only 5 months ago but Winston says:

"I only had an interest for a short time, but it's been out to pasture for years." 
Bellazeel, a 5 year-old Zabeel mare, would be extremely valuable as a brood mare, especially with her 3 win record. Even if Peters relinquished his share I doubt it would be without return.

Update: Peters says he had a short term leased share in the horse purchased at a charity auction in 2008, which is when the horse would have been born. Seems odd to me because a horse isn't going to return anything until it is at least a 2YO. You'd want to be in for the long haul, particularly as a propsective broodmare.

Update 2: Stuff reports, " New Zealand Thoroughbred confirmed this afternoon that according to its records, Peters continued to part-own a racing lease on the horse"

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