Sunday, May 04, 2014

Prose par excellence

Prose par excellence from Rodney Hide in the Herald on Sunday this morning describing the legal highs market:

 Out on that chemical frontier we had a wild, wild west.
And the politicians confusion over how to tackle the problem:

Part of the problem with the new regime is Prime Minister John Key's reluctance to authorise testing on puppies and bunnies - but he's thinking that rats and mice might be okay. Mickey can get high but not Peter or Pluto.

Regarding Rodney's suggestion (channelling the populist vote), "We don't want drug-taking out in the open", I was reminded that my husband has twice put the question during Campbell Live, Why don't they take their cameras and microphones and stand outside a tinnie house?

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Anonymous said...

If you want to do arguably dumb things with substances experiment on yourself. These are not drugs that will save mankind from pestilence. On second thoughts, maybe leaving people to do stupid things and having them bear the consequences will reduce the pestilence.