Wednesday, May 14, 2014

David Cunliffe and his sappy comments

On-line over on The Standard yesterday David Cunliffe made this comment:
Our priority is to get kids out of poverty – that’s why our Best Start payment includes the children of beneficiaries; they shouldn’t bear the brunt of their parents’ misfortune.

Misfortune? What does that mean? Bad luck? An accident?

When one in five babies is either born onto a benefit or arrives there shortly after, how much of an accident is it?

Obviously some children will have a temporarily unemployed parent. Or a parent who has been abandoned. I accept some parents may have suffered a degree of misfortune.

But when nearly 11,700 of the babies born last year were welfare dependent by the end of December, I can only conclude something beyond bad luck is the cause.

I don't want to 'beat-up' on parents on benefits, but if we don't understand the nature of the problem, how will we ever address it?

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