Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CPAG making false claims again

According to the NZ Herald:

University of Auckland senior lecturer and Child Poverty Action Group spokeswoman Susan St John said tax credits should be extended to beneficiary families and indexed to inflation.
"A lot of newborns get nothing - they get nothing from paid parental leave or tax credits. The most cost-effective way is to give all low-income children the same weekly assistance."

That's bull.

Family tax credit (FTC) is paid regardless of your source of income.

I read the above quote out to my husband. He accepted it. He said he didn't realise children on benefits got more than just their parent's benefit.

The Family Tax Credits, plus accommodation supplement (or income related rent), plus the basic benefit rate all add up to make welfare a viable option.

CPAG want to make is even more viable.

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