Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kenneth Wang says Labour playing the race card

Good for him:
I have lived in New Zealand since I came as a student.  I love this country and have stayed and formed my own small businesses, provide employment and made my part of a contribution to this wonderful country.
I am standing for parliament again because I am alarmed at what has happened to race relations in our country. It has got much worse.
Last year, when Winston Peters launched a vicious racial attack and pointed at the New Zealand Chinese community for creating a 'Supercity of sin', only ACT stood up openly against his attack.
This year Winston Peters again started his campaign against foreigners. Everyone knows, including we Chinese New Zealanders, that his campaign is directed at us.
Sadly, now the Labour Party has joined in, playing the race card, blaming the Chinese for New Zealand's problems. No surprise for me to hear David Cunllife said that he “respects Winston Peters greatly” because Labour is 'going in bed' with Peters!
We need racial harmony, not racial hatred or hostility.
Most of the houses owned by Chinese are not bought for speculation.  It is Chinese parents buying an apartment for their children to live in while studying at University.  Those students pay full fees and contribute to our employment and economy.  How does that hurt New Zealand?

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