Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ripping off a school

What a couple of first class arseholes these two are:

A principal and her husband siphoned off more than $30,000 from a decile one school in South Auckland and splashed out on themselves.
Rather than the money going towards pupil education at Mayfield Primary School in Otara, Colleen Margaret Gray, 66, and Bruce Kenneth Gray, 65, jetted to Australia and to London.
Colleen Gray also used the school credit card for food at Mecca at Mission Bay and Francoli Bar and Restaurant in Ellerslie.
Part-way through their judge-alone trial in the Auckland District Court yesterday, the Grays admitted defrauding the school of more than $30,000.

It shouldn't matter what decile school it was, or where, but somehow stealing from one of the poorest schools in South Auckland particularly jars.

Can't help wondering though if the funding system whereby the poorest school gets substantially more than the richest leaves more cash available to easily defraud without  detection?

I hope they both get hefty sentences.

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