Sunday, March 09, 2014

Go for it WINZ

What did you do the last time you found out you'd been successful in getting a job? I remember it well. Returning from the UK in the early 1990s it took an interminable time to find work. When I got the nod, after a number of nopes, I was ecstatic. But I played a mean trick on my Mum. She'd came rushing in  from work anxious to know if I'd heard. I feigned disappointment quickly mirrored in her own face. Then very quickly told her the good news and that I was pulling her leg. My brothers and Dad were all in on the joke.  She's so emotionally transparent sometimes we can't resist pulling her leg. But boy, were we all excited and cheering.

Now that's what I thought people did. They whoop, punch the air, go out for a celebration.That's the real world.

But not according to some miserable types bitching about Work and Income cheering when a client gets a job.

Work and Income office staff are breaking into applause or sounding hooters when beneficiaries find work.
The celebrations have been labelled patronising and embarrassing but Work and Income claims clients enjoy them.

Well I would bloody well love it. Apart from which, aren't those trying to help people find work entitled to celebrate their part in the achievement?

And check out the cartoon Bromhead has created.

THAT is patronising. Applauding someone who has just landed a job, possibly their first ever, isn't.

Solo mother Candice Benson was stunned to see a round of applause erupt after a jobseeker at Work and Income's Lower Hutt office found work on Thursday.
"One of the clients got up to leave and people just erupted into applause," Benson said. "He looked like he was trying to get out of there pretty swiftly," she added. Benson conceded there could be positive intentions but job seekers already felt "humiliated and degraded" and had complex reasons for needing benefits.

Oh get over yourself. If you are at WINZ you are asking for help. You are not in a position to then moan about the way in which it is delivered.

If WINZ was publicly humiliating people who were failing to get work I would be mortified, but celebrating their success???


Psycho Milt said...

job seekers... had complex reasons for seeking benefits.

Er, no. They don't. It's really not even remotely complex. They don't have a job, so they need some other income - if you're the kind of person who finds that 'complex' I guess it's no wonder you don't have a job.

thor42 said...

I agree that it's not really a "story".

What I *would* say though is that New Zealanders are generally "reserved".
We tend to feel embarrassed if someone makes a fuss about something or draws attention to us.
It's unfortunate but it's how many of us are.

So, yeah - although the news item is a bit over-the-top, I *can* imagine being embarrassed by such a big commotion being made and attention being drawn to me.
That's why I don't think that the person/people behind this idea really thought it through very well.
It really does seem a bit "naff" to me.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I would add, "Wellington regional spokesman Mike Freeman said staff asked clients for permission before celebrating."

thor42 said...

staff asked clients for permission before celebrating."

Ahh... ok.

I have to admit that being the kind of person who hates being "made a fuss of", I'd turn them down.

I mentioned these "celebrations" at work and they too thought it was a naff and patronising thing.

WINZ staff member to guy who's just got a job - "Heeeeeeyyyy!
( Pats guy on head)
"You've got a JOOOOOOOB!
Well dooooooone!"
( Pat, pat, pat ).

It's the kind of attitude that someone might show towards a five-year-old child.
I'm surprised that they don't have a "Success Fairy" fluttering around the people.

Paranormal said...

The sooner we learn as a nation to celebrate success the better.