Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rosy Fenwicke

A Facebook friend request message appeared in my inbox. I really don't do facebook despite having a page that a keen ACT member made for me back in 2008.

This one was from Rosy Fenwicke. Now my memory isn't great for names and profiles, but it is exemplary when it comes to the good or bad feel associated with them.  Rosy Fenwicke elicited a good one.

So I searched my blog to find this most welcome column she wrote in opposition to CPAG in 2011:

OPINION: KIWI mothers are battlers too. Donna Wynd and Susan St John need to be enlightened about this fact before they consign all mothers in New Zealand to the state-funded victimhood they seem to be advocating in their column Enlightening the Welfare Working Group.

The newsworthy aspect of this post and "friend request" is that Rosy has announced she is seeking the nomination for National this year in Wellington Central.

Good. Very good.


Anonymous said...

Why "Good. Very good."

Here's the end of the column:

Accessible, safe and affordable childcare close to the workplace is essential, or mothers of children aged under five are not able to work

Do you know what kind of countries provide this kind of childcare, Lindsay? The Scandinavians do today; 20 years ago it was the Scandinavians and Eastern Europe. There's a word for those countries, those policies: Communism.

John Key called NZ's pre-2008 policies "communism by stealth". Last week, on Radio NZ Nine-to-noon, Ryan, Hooten and Williams agreed that NZ's policies are communist, have moved left under Key and continue to move even further left (were such things possible).

Every single one of Ruth Richardson's reforms have been reversed - and they continue to reverse under this nominally "National" government. But I guess that shouldn't be a surprise, since they were always elected as "Helen Clark's policies with a prettier face". Except that in practice, they are now significant further to the left then Clark.

We have Banks proclaiming his lumpenproletariat roots and championing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars going in to yet more schools.

We have Key shovelling money into extinct NZ "think big" projects

And now a nominally National party candidate calling for fully socialist childcare across NZ.

How is this "Very good"?

Andrei said...

Isn't she just seeking nomination as the candidate, rather than actually standing for the seat yet?

Good way to loose the Catholic vote

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Andrei, Yes, you are correct. Seeking selection.

Anonymous said...

well the mothers all need time off from their kids so they can do all the other pleasurable stuff. See them every day strolling around with nothing important to do, no need to work, while the hard pressed taxpayer gets shafted by the lazy left and its helpers in Govt.

More child care centres around Tauranga these days than workplaces producing anything for sale.

Andy Moore said...

A very good way to lose the Catholic and Conservative base vote. She's an abortionist who has committed many thousands of abortions.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

When I was an ACT candidate speaking at Catholic meetings, afterwards female attendants would quietly congratulate me for opposing a return to abortion criminalisation.