Monday, December 02, 2013

Who is Labour targetting?

This piece of personally addressed  electioneering material arrived in my letterbox today. Mrs Lindsay Mitchell was the only voter in this household to receive one. Makes me wonder about a number of things.

1/ Why does the text begin, "Most New Zealanders don't want assets like power companies sold off..." when they are asking me to vote in a referendum designed specifically to find out if Most New Zealanders don't want assets like power companies sold off... 

2/ Why did they put up the postshop/kiwibank locator web address to help me "find a post office or box near you"? What moron doesn't know where the nearest post box is? Or is this just subliminal messaging about kiwibank and its connection to Labour?

3/ Why has Labour left it until after many people will have already received and returned their voting papers to embark on this exercise?

4/ Why was I selected from the electoral roll?

5/ Was it purely random or do they have a target group?

6/ The message doubles as a recruitment drive for Labour so again, how are they profiling targets?

7/ Does Labour think older married women will be particularly receptive to their advances (oh look the little wife got  mail in her own right?) and have they given up commuicating to men?

8/ Have I simply found my way onto one of their databases because I am politically active?

Too late Labour. Voted 'yes' over a week ago.


PM of NZ said...

#3 - That's the perks of having a 3 day a week mail delivery, it just accentuates Labour being well behind the eight ball.

Anonymous said...

Labour's targeting women, I guess.

If they were clever, I'd assume they were targeting potential Conservative voters - the Cons opposed asset sales at the last election and oppose them now: the 2.7% "lost" vote gave National the majority for asset sales.

But, no, they're probably just targeting women.

CorrectGuy said...

I know I won't be getting one. Tried to join labour like Cactus Kate and got rejected due to "my public political statements".

Tried to argue that my Nat party membership had lapsed a couple of years back, but they weren't interested.

pdm said...

Lindsay if I knew how to I would put a link to this excellent post on mine. Your points are food for thought.

anon - not so re targeting women - have a look at my post at No Minister.

Anonymous said...

The Mrs received one the other day (went striaght into the recycling bin), and I did not.

Just how are they getiing the mailing list and who are they targeting.

I also note that a wee truck with a simliar looking sign on the back is appearing at various major intersections in Invercargill quite recently.