Thursday, December 19, 2013

Census result - no change in ratio of one parent to two parent families

The graphic below shows one parent families as a percentage of all families dropping from 18.1 to 17.8 percent. Notice that percentage of two parent families has also dropped but by a bigger margin. A simple calculation shows that as a percentage of all families with children the proportions have stayed the same. 30.1 percent are single parent families. Same percentage as in 2006. Since single parent families make up the biggest percentage of poor families, this Census result isn't good news.

Graph, Family type, 2001, 2006, and 2013 Censuses.


Brendan said...

The other interesting trend from these graphs is that the number of couples or single parents with children is decreasing. In other words, if it were not for immigration, we would be declining in population numbers just like Britain and Europe.

Typically only those cultures that loose confidence and hope for the future stop reproducing themselves. This is perhaps the most alarming but unspoken social indicator.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Except our fertility rate is still holding up at around 2 births per woman - better than many developed countries. I think what we are seeing here is the babyboomers ageing with children who are no longer living with them.