Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blog's 8th birthday

Jeepers. 8 years ago today I wrote my first blog post. Thinking back, the 2005 election had just been fought and lost. ACT dropped to 2 MPs and despite National going close, three more years of Labour and the Greens was on the cards.

Seems a strange time to start a blog but I didn't feel defeated. Just frustrated. Labour seemed lost for welfare reform ideas but hellbent on greater wealth redistribution to the middle voters. After Maharey there was a succession of lacklustre Social Development ministers. Sue Bradford got a lot of air wave time. I was still nagging away about the paucity of robust statistical data and the futility of continuing to throw money at the problems caused by ...throwing money at problems.

Under National there has been more transparency. A good deal more data is reported, although MSD's performance in responding to OIAs is abysmal. I must write a separate post about that.

Generally, the public now knows more about what is driving child poverty and are able to voice their opposition to welfare misuse without getting shouted down as beneficiary bashers. The good thing about the left making this issue, alongside inequality, their platform for 2014, is plenty of opportunities arise to disagree with their analysis and solutions.

And continue to disagree, counter and dispute I will.


Brendan said...

Congratulations Lindsay

You have achieved an enormous amount of good by raising the public's awareness of welfare related issues, myself included.

Here's to your next eight years!

homepaddock said...

Well done - on both the longevity and the quality of your posts.

Rodney Hide said...

Lindsay -- your blog is a treasure and a breath of fresh air. It also provides facts and thoughtful analysis to the blogosphere where too often it's endless opinion and abuse without analysis. You set the standard. Thank you.

Rodney Hide

Mark Hubbard said...

Congratulations Lindsay. I don't always know why we bloggers do what we do, but I'm glad we do it.

Your blog has been hugely valuable in re-educating individuals one by one toward the truth of the welfare state. And eight years is a feat.

Berend de Boer said...

Congratulations Lindsay!

Anonymous said...

One day - one day much sooner than you think -

there will be a government who understands morality, moral hazard, and the total unsustainability of welfare on any and every level.

One day - quite soon, and much more quickly that you can hope -

welfare will end in NZ.

NZ was the first state to join the "Welfare West". NZ will be the first state to abandon welfare in favour of responsibility.

And when that great day comes, you Lindsay, and this blog, will be very much responsible.

Mark Hubbard said...
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thor42 said...

Outstanding stuff Lindsay!

"Labour seemed lost for welfare reform ideas.."

Yes, and they *always* will be. I can't see them *ever* even attempting the most minimal cuts in welfare. Those receiving welfare are a large part of their core constituency.

Keep up the outstanding work!

Manolo said...

Lindsay, your blog is more than worth a daily visit.
Please keep up the good work!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Your comments are so appreciated. Blogging is a unavoidable for me. Getting comments like these isn't about satisfying ego. It's just about knowing it's worth putting the time in.

Anonymous said...

I can't see them [Labour] *ever* even attempting the most minimal cuts in welfare

Labour fought the last election, and still have, a policy of raising the age of eligibility for super. That is an actual benefit cut in real terms. If enacted, it would be more than Key has managed in five years.

Richard said...

Your blog is great, Lindsay. I especially like that you deal in actual facts and figures.