Monday, July 08, 2013

Get lost Grey Power

I have no regard for Grey Power. Do all of the grandparents who belong to this organisation agree that their grandsons (and grand daughters?) should be subject to compulsory military training because some scumbags commit crimes against the elderly and others? It's just one of those knee jerk responses that makes me groan. Why blame the vast majority of young people who live lawful and productive lives?

I suppose they'll be calling for Winston First to adopt this dictatorial, authoritarian measure as policy.  The worst of it is, if successful, Winston First will probably go up in the polls.

Oh, and don't demand my respect based on age. Your collectivist, statist, unthinking notions preclude it. I was going to say that young fools, middle-aged fools, old fools are all the same. But the old fool is actually worse. One might have expected some modicum of wisdom and tolerance to have developed by now.


Mark Hubbard said...

I just know the old guy who hassled me in the park on Saturday about having my 'toy' cavoodle dog on a leash, despite there was no one else in the park, other than him - and he came all the way over from the other side of the park to tell me this was a leash only park (they all are in Geraldine) - would vote for boot camp.

Needless to say, Daisy dog didn't go back on a leash, and I left him pondering:

Is a park with an adventure playground thingy a child park if there are no children in it, at the time?

How did he get to his age and have no common sense.

No doubt he thinks I should be forced into boot camp for lack of respect. Mind you, his language as Daisy and I carried on our way wasn't something you'd want your kids hearing.

Anonymous said...

It is a good idea, to teach ethics and responsibility, and putting others first.

Kiwiwit said...

Well said. I can think of a few other groups whose opinions seem to get a free pass these days.

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Anonymous said...

You must be elligible to join Grey power by now Lindsay.You sure look like it.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I am. They have progressively lowered the age to 50 plus to pick up more political clout.

Brendan W said...

When I was young I thought they were a gang. (You know black power etc.)

Anonymous said...

Please explain why you're a bludger at 64 but a "National (party) superannuitant" at 65.

the answer is, of course: you're not. you're just a codger-bludger on the codger-dole. t

I am. They have progressively lowered the age to 50 plus to pick up more political clout.

They've lowered the age to 50 because even fucking labour party knows that the codger-dole has to end and they're scared shitless that in spite of the general useless of the state education system, some people younger that 20 will learn to add.

Is it enough to raise the age a few years - no of course not: what needs to happen is all codger-dole payments to just be stopped overnight - just like every other benefit!

But the current policy stance of the major parties - and no, the Libz aren't a major party, they're barely a cult, ACT is a joe -

means that Labour is to the right of National

as National oversees the most leftwing government ever in NZ's history. Hell as John Key said in Parliament a week ago "Labour should like what we're doing - it's exactly what Hellen Klark did"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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