Monday, June 17, 2013

The anti-smacking law isn't working

Six years ago the government passed anti-smacking legislation which was supposedly aimed at abusive parents - not good parents. We were told repeatedly, something had to be done about New Zealand's awful rate of child abuse so we'd all have to put up with the state interfering in our families despite there being no problem with the vast majority.

I would have thought 6 years was a reasonable period over which to judge whether the legislation was having the desired effect.

It's looking like the majority of New Zealanders who thought the law would fail were right.

Damning new figures released to ONE News reveal efforts to curb child abuse are failing. Rates of child abuse have risen by 32% in the last five years, with instances happening to children who are already in the care of the state.
A district judge has now spoken out, saying it is time for a new approach.

It's conceivable that the law is actually contributing to the rise as  children become more militant ("you can't touch me") and desperate carers are pushed to other forms of abuse - eg emotional.

So what is next?

She is calling for an independent monitoring organisation which would assign an appointee for each child in state care. This person would develop an on-going relationship with the child to help support them, ensure they're receiving a good education and that their personal care plans are being properly implemented.

Good God. Another layer.

Why not just return to basics? Adoption possibly....

(Hat-tip Bob McCoskrie for the link)

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Anonymous said...

Good post.
On Q and A this Sunday they were discussing Owen Glenn and his report to come, I heard the words 'we will then have a transformation.'

Can the left be this daft? Do they think yet another copious report will actually change anything? The culture of child abuse doesn't want to change, and as usual, the good parents are blamed for something that is out of their hands.

Too many people having kids who don't actually want them. Back to basics under our PC government - this will never happen!

And if Glen's expensive report ever gets off the ground, it will just be money down the plughole big time.