Thursday, May 23, 2013

Benefit expenditure forecasts

Below are welfare benefit expenses projected to 2017. Note that the table accommodates the benefit changes from Unemployment, Domestic Purposes, Sickness and Invalid benefits to Jobseeker Support, Sole Parent Support and Supported Living payment. Interesting though that the forecasts are for pretty much unchanged expenditure from actual total of $4.794 billion in 2012 to forecast $4.697 in 2017.


Kiwiwit said...

Given there are about 2.2m employed in New Zealand, 2017 benefit expenditure alone will account for more than $10,000 per worker per year. Frightening.

Kirwanto Hanif said...
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S. Beast said...

Why is "disability assistance" (did they mean allowance?) projected to drop so much? This is available to low income earners as well as those booted off Assisted living and now eligible to work.

Are there changes we don't know about?

In 2012 the actual figure is 401m, this year the prediction is 385m, followed by equally low predictions right down to 376m in 2017.

Is Dr Bratt's policy of using work as treatment really expected to make this much of an impact? That's quite a drop and IMHO much too optimistic.