Friday, April 19, 2013

National lose support in latest Roy Morgan poll



Anonymous said...

And so they should, traitors that they are.

Johnny said...

Traitors? anon

Please exploin.

Anonymous said...

the fact that they pretend to be a Conservative based party, then they back a bill for gay marraige, even though it was never ever campagined upon. The fact that even though there was strong opposition to the gay marraige bill, they mostly voted for it anyway. amd the fact that it is okay for MPs to openly mock people in Parliament, just because they were opposing the bill.

So much for equality, eh.

KG said...

What Anonymous said, exactly.
Like it or loathe it, at least we know where Labour stands--National blows with whatever expedient wind happens to suit them at the time.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Conscience votes often arise from private member's bills. So they aren't campaigned on, and members don't have to vote along party lines.

Not often enough do we get to witness individualism amongst our 'representatives' instead of group think and coercion.

Johnny said...

So then, what is the alternative, anon etc?

Don't vote National because a good number of them supported SSM?

So what's the answer? Go off and vote Labour in spite of ALL of them supporting SSM.

I suppose there is some sense in this somewhere, but I can't see it.

How on Earth did Labour's and Green's poll rating climb this week? And how on Earth did the third parties stay stuck in the doldrums?

What is wrong with us sheeples?

Anonymous said...

John Key was elected because people said they liked Hellen's policies but didn't like her face any more.

The last 5 years have been nothing but that: Hellens policies over and over again.

Cullen cut taxes more than English.
Hell, Cullen even paid less in buyouts than English.

So I guess people are sick of JohnKey, and like Shearer's version of Hellen's policies now.

Of course you could always vote Conservative

Anonymous said...

Johnny, I have no intention of voting Labour. I will either not vote at all or vote for NZ First.

It may be private members bill, but National as a whole could have still stopped it. But I agree, National and Labour are just one and the same, and under Key, the Nats are basically following the same agenda.
After all, Key will do anything to gain media attention.

Sheep wake up. The media have been completely complicit with the Left rather than the majority of the voting public, what a surprise.

James said...

What possible sane and morally defensibly reason did National have to oppose the GM bill...? It violated the rights of no-one and extended the recognition of rights to many more

James said...

It was only repressed and ignorant bigots who go by their perverted interpretations of what some man made sky fairy supposedly decreed who had an issue....It mattered not a jot to sensible people who mind their own business and don't bother with what others get up to in bed.

thor42 said...

This poll was (of course) taken *before* the Labour/Green announcement of their nationalising of the electricity system.

I'll be interested to see the result of the *next* poll.

There is also the small matter of John Ansell's "One Law for All" party which has not yet been formed.
Hopefully that'll grab a few votes from Labour.

Johnny said...

John Ansell's party will never be formed.

John Ansell is only doing what he is doing so he can land a $2 million advertising contract for a never-to-be-formed party, which he has no intention of leading.

John Ansell is a fraud. Police are watching him.

Anonymous said...

What possible sane and morally defensibly reason did National have to oppose the GM bill...?

Because it flies in the face of 2000 years of Western culture. The onus is not on conservatives to defend the status quo - the onus is on progressive liberals to argue why we should change something - anything - that has served us so well for so long.

Most other liberal ideas - universal franchise, women's liberation, mass education, state healthcare - have turned out to be nothing but disasters. There is no reason to expect this will not be the same.