Friday, April 12, 2013

Lord Monckton lays a complaint with Victoria University

Worth a look.

Heart-warming to see some academics being taken to task.


Brendan said...

Not before time. The tactics of the University to shut down opposing voices when it is clear (to them) that the 'science is settled' is deplorable.

If Lord Monckton's position is as fradulent as they cliam, then surely allowing it some daylight in free and honest debate will reveal all.

In other words, what excactly are they afraid of?

Anonymous said...

I am hearing Christopher Monckton tomorrow. Looking forwards to it. I do hope he serves academia with gusto.


thor42 said...

Good on him!

I echo Brendan's comment - "what are they afraid of?"

If the university is confident that they are able to present the "truth", then they should do so rather than hiding behind those statements made by their staff.

Anonymous said...

Yes, good on Lord Monckton.

I wonder has Christopher heard this self indulgent emission from another Victorian University lecturer, this one from the State of Victoria's Melbourne University, attempting to justify dancing on Lady Thatcher's grave.

Listen and weep.

Manolo said...

Good on him for smoking out those intolerant academics.

Richard McGrath said...


I can guarantee you will be impressed by the intellect of this defender of scientific truth. He was fantastic in Palmerston North.