Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why some people can't get jobs

 According to Stuff:

"Some employers say they are dealing with dozens of applicants unpresentable and unfit for work and they fear it's only going to get worse as the next wave of benefit reforms starts to settle in and more beneficiaries are forced to actively look for work...despite the many jobless, employers say continual absenteeism, substance abuse and poor work ethic appear to be making a lot of them unemployable."
Employers occasionally speak out about their difficulty in getting good people. It's more often a lament heard on talkback radio than read in print but the stories aren't uncommon. I don't doubt their veracity and they make me angry, despairing and worried.

These 'inadequates' to put it politely will doubtless be passing on their own attitudes and impaired intelligences to their children. I fear that cutting off their benefit incomes won't motivate them positively. It'll just turn them into more resentful, more bitter and more desperate characters.

That is not to say it shouldn't happen.  A line has to be drawn. Society has to concede that some people have been helped as much as possible. Their education, their health, housing and income needs have all been met by the state to no avail. In fact, to their detriment.

The "next wave of benefit reforms" will begin to pull back the carpet under which we have swept this problem for too long.


Anonymous said...

We don't need to "pull back the carpet" - we need amputate the cancer.

Just stop welfare.

When bludger kids are starving in the gutter, either their bludger parents will take personal responsibility or they won't last long

Anonymous said...

Assuming there have always been "inadequates" I wonder what happened to them and what their lot in life was like pre welfare state? I suspect breeding more of them wasn't encouraged. Maybe they simply couldn't afford to be like they are now as life was too tough.


Brendan said...

This was always going to be the inevitable product of fatherlessness and entitlement welfare. When you abandon personal responsibility and respect for others, all hope is lost.

There are only hard choices left to us now, but I doubt any Government has the courage to take them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brendan.
it was always blindingly obvious to everyone (except lefties and the government) what the result of no personal responsibility and endless welfare was going to be. Generation after generation of families sucking on the welfare teat. No skills, no motivation.

I believe that the current "welfare reforms", timid though they are, will be as far as change goes in the welfare system.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be because they are lazy bastards?

Michael said...

We always have as much unemployment as we are willing to pay for. If you make welfare as hard to obtain as employment (like having an acceptable CV, a complex form you have to complete, and under-going an interview to prove you are employable) before any cash was handed over we'd have almost no unemployment.

And as an aside, if schools were doing such a great job with teaching literacy and numeracy over the last 40 years then we wouldn't need national standards to try and pick up kids falling behind early.

Anonymous said...

If you make welfare as hard to obtain as employment...

You'd have just as many bludgers as before, except they'd have CVs, forms filled in (by "benefit advocates") and "interview skills"

It's like what you said earlier: every cent taxpayers cough up for benefits - and more - are always gobbled up by bludgers.

The solution:s top welfare. Yes including the super and health and education and ACC and WFF and the lot.

Just. Stop.

There are only hard choices left to us now, but I doubt any Government has the courage to take them.

Either the government takes them and we transition to a country of personal responsibility in some kind of order - or we will get their through riot, famine, and slaughter.