Saturday, March 16, 2013

Truth column March 7-13

A local bus-stop shelter was recently spray-painted with "Aoteoroa is not for sale." The tagging was a response to the Crafar Farm deal. In a similar vein last week, there were calls from NZ First and The Greens (unlikely bedmates) for the government to 'do something' about house sales to foreigners, in particular, Asians. Foreign investors, they say, are locking New Zealanders out of the housing market with their preparedness to pay good money for property. It's not fair, they say. It's not looking after our own first.
For every buyer of a house, there's a seller. Before asking politicians to regulate against freedom to purchase property, owners should think about what that means for them.


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Tracey said...

It is better to legislate.people sell for all sorts of reasons.Sometimes it is in desperation.Foriegn buyers may offer cash and more.We are all susceptible to a temptation.If house prices are high due to foreign buyers our young people may choose to go to OZ or somewhere else.Too many young ones going will create a problem soon when there are too few Taxpayers to support the Baby Boomers.Bit scarry!