Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Goodbye Gareth

I'm not giving Gareth Morgan's latest publicity grasp any air. He has progressively pissed me off over the past couple of years with his steady transformation into a redistributionist, statist, sometimes nasty non-respecter of property or individual rights, smug know-it-all.

There is a better way to register my disapproval than writing about it.

This was a welcome arrival in our letterbox today:

PS I realise that GM no longer owns the scheme. But demonstrating against the commercial usefulness of his name is still worth the effort.


JC said...

Right on. The man's been an attention seeker forever.


Alan said...

In the past when talking with clients, most people would hear a bad word said about good old gareth, and even when he managed to make a loss in his conservative fund they forgave him.

but once kiwibank bought the fund and he started going crazy, clients are now asking me to move them.

its a good turn about.

WWallace said...

I received one of those letters too. A few years ago, when I realised his ineptitudse.

This latest incident proves that he's losing it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What took everybody so long to wake up to this yapping fool? He was bloody hopeless ten years ago.

Richard McGrath said...

Sensible decision, Lindsay. Morgan has lost the plot and badly needs some time out.