Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"Stay on the dole"

"Stay on the dole"  WINZ tells beneficiaries

WINZ refuses to put up a few hundred dollars to save thousands

These are the headlines we'd be reading if Work and Income was innocent of the charges Jacinda Ardern is levelling at them

An illogical sentiment abounds about keeping the unemployed domiciled here, as if they are worth more as potential employers than as an unemployed cost. Beyond the silliness of that, if someone can find work in Australia and be productive and satisfied, why hold them down on an unemployment benefit here? It makes no sense.

Another storm in a teacup manufactured by airhead Ardern.


Mark Hubbard said...

Well put.

Anonymous said...

A Labour MP scared of losing potential voters.

Cactus Kate said...

And she fluffed the supplementaries

Anonymous said...

Hi Cactus looks like we are in the same time zone, I'm in the Philippines, are you in Hong Kong?

Johnny said...

Yes but ..

But how does Bennett handle this? Sadly, Lindsay, your argument will not cut the mustard. The great unwashed do not think things through to their illogical conclusions.
Definitely a damned if you do, damned if you don't, situation.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

No I don't see it that way Johnny. It's win-win.

Ardern asked, "How many times, if any, has the Transition to Work Grant, or similar funds, been used by Work and Income New Zealand to purchase tickets to Australia for job seekers who have found work there?"

Does it matter how many times, if they have "found work"?

Johnny said...

No way Bennett will not be prepared to implement your logic.

So your criticism will become as much against Bennett as it was against the airhead.

We shall see in about 25 minutes in Q5 today.

thor42 said...

I think it's **GREAT** that WINZ is helping some of the unemployed to find jobs in Australia!

As long as Joe Bloggs the beneficiary is able to find work, WHO CARES where that work is?

It is simple reality (but not for Labour). Aussie has FAR more jobs due to its sheer size.

Ardern should quit parliament and find a job for which she is more suited.
Lingerie model, maybe...

Towack said...

Labour are the ones who brought the policy in, in 2007 so its an own goal really.
They paid for 16 in the first year I think, compared to this years 6 or so.

Anonymous said...

And how many bludgers does WINZ or DIA fly back from Aussie - far far more than this!

Remember that in Aus bludgers are entitled to nothing no dole no super no ACC no WFF no sudent loans nothing nothing nothing

Let's adopt Australia's clearly far better policy towards Kiwi bludgers and then the whole problem goes away

Rockape said...

Amazing, why is Earles Court in London called kangaroo court,, because for 50 years it's been full of Australians and Kiwis who work there, in most an asset to the uk,Working Kiwis in Aus are an asset there too, it's good for Aus, good for the individual and good for NZ so what's the problem.

Johnny said...

Bennett gets a rare day off in question time today. Labour have decided for once not to waste precious questions on Airhead Ardern.

tracey said...

Thie argument that it is a good idea to pay to send our unemployed to jobs in Oz is flawed.All is not rosy over there.If it does not work out are we obliged to pay their return ticket and so forth.
If this is the government solution to our economic woes and unemployment....What a utter failure!