Monday, December 31, 2012

Hauraki became crap

New breakfast host Martin Devlin says Radio Hauraki is "crap".

It's been crap since they dumped Nick, Deano and Mel from the morning slot. They were genuinely funny and ran some great competitions like 'Scar Wars Wednesday' which asked listeners to ring in and describe how they got their worst scar. That resulted in outrageous tales like testes being caught in girls' bicycle chain as a  child and a whole host of strange down on the farm antics often related by not very bright people. Driving the kids to Uni and high school we'd often laugh till we cried. The music was what you'd expect on Hauraki but the in-between stuff was better. Then sometime during the middle of the year the threesome vanished.

So what to listen to? In Wellington The Breeze is so PC and safe, even though Sam and I can tolerate their play list, we can't stomach the simpering DJs. Think Wiggles. One morning we were behind a bus advertising The Sound. So we switched and are  permanently parked there. The music is brilliant and they promote themselves as "no silly BS chatter" although Geoff Bryant's news-reading interjections are often very wry. So, no, I won't be tuning in to Hauraki even out of curiosity.

(Though it has to be said, if I'm by myself of a morning, walking the dogs, I might have Mike Hosking in my ear.)

Devlin says, "It's bitterly competitive, and there's a lot of money at stake, and there's a lot of pride and ego at stake."

Somehow trying not to lose money and not to lose face don't seem like very good starting point to me. So a New Year's prediction. Devlin won't save Hauraki.


Anonymous said...

been listening to the "Sound" for a couple of months. Great music from yesteryear when i was hip and cool. Now i'm old with great memories and new adventures waiting in the wings..


Porky said...

"It's been crap since they dumped Nick, Deano and Mel from the morning slot."

These clowns were what put me off it, with their contrived toilet humour, and the same for those dick-wads on The Rock. All I ask of these DJ's is, is to PLAY SOME MUSIC !

That's why I go for The Sound. They have ONE DJ who's role is to introduce the songs and offer up a bit of music trivia -that's it. Plus they play the album versions of the songs, so you don't get subjected to the version of My Sharona where 2/3 of the guitar solo is axed.