Monday, November 26, 2012

Reading without comprehension

Metiria Turei's withering criticism of Rodney Hide's Herald On Sunday column is a perfect example of how someone can utterly mangle the sense and by implication, intent of a writer.

Rodney Hide’s latest piece in the NZ Herald exposes a callous and dangerous attitude. He needs to ask himself whether he really wants solutions to reduce child death or whether he just wants to pontificate while more women and more children suffer.



Mark Hubbard said...

She's just demonstrated the Achilles Heel of the West - the Left's mistaking of emoting for thinking.

Anonymous said...

What we need is more responsible parenting instead of the women getting pregnant to someone who to anyone with half an ounce of intelligence is never going to be a good father, provider, member of society.

JC said...

Hide's article was a potentially deadly strike at the heart of the victim industry and thus to the careers of those who run it and profit from it.

Turea's survival instincts kicked in immediately and she fired back to defend the narrative of women as victims, men as beasts, poverty as the cause and guilt as the cattle prod to the nation.


Johnny said...

What's so hard?

Kill your babies = bad
Nurture your babies = good

What is so complicated about this, even to a Green?

thor42 said...

JC nailed it - I couldn't have put it better myself.

Richard said...

JC nailed it? No, I think it was JC who got nailed.

ADCE said...

Very witty, Richard.