Friday, October 19, 2012

Willie Jackson on Mike Tyson

In the NZ Herald, Willie Jackson asks some pertinent questions about NZ's refusal to allow Mike Tyson to visit:

The hypocrisy of this matter raises several questions. Why is it No to Tyson, but Yes to so many other criminals who have come to this country?
Australia's most notorious criminal, Chopper Read, and the triple murderers the West Memphis Three are recent examples of that. And every second rock band that comes here has someone in it who's committed a crime.
And why was it that a Pakeha organisation, Life Education Trust, got approval for Tyson to come into this country with virtually no questions asked, yet my organisation - which is committed to turning around Maori offenders - wasn't considered good enough to be given a reason for Tyson's rejection.
And why is it that so many people think they know what's best for us and patronisingly tell us who should and should not come on to our marae?
Metiria Turei offered to enlighten us about why we got it so wrong and especially wants to talk to the women in our organisation. I can assure Metiria that they, too, are looking forward to talking to her.

I asked some of my own in last week's Truth column:

New Zealand’s a country that produces advocates for justice like QC Peter Williams, prison reformer Kim Workman and social worker Sam Chapman. They maintain that every man has the potential for rehabilitation into society; that many had childhoods so loveless only belated adult affection and acceptance can heal them.
Redemption has always been an article of faith for the political left. One of the few that strikes a chord with me.
So there’s a surprising and uncomfortable hypocrisy in this country’s attitude towards Mike Tyson. By all accounts Tyson has stayed crime-free since his 1992 rape conviction (a crime he steadfastly denies). Guilty or not, liberal Kiwis would normally celebrate the ensuing absence of reoffending.
But not when the crime was rape it would appear.


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brian_smaller said...

My question to Willie Jackson is since when has the Life Education trust been a 'pakeha' institution? It has employees and representatives of all races.

Johnny said...

Yep, he has paid his dues for the rape. But not for the misogynist nor misanthropist nor racist comments since.

Nor for the ear biting. There are enough ear biters in rugby already.

What can Tyson say to our kids that McCaw can't for the same money?

Anonymous said...

The law is the law and he doesn't qualify.

While I'd love to see a reformed rapist, I don't think Tyson qualifies:

mistralman said...

certainly keep the creep out of new zealand,we have enough of our own rapists here.