Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Where did that protest banner come from?

People opposing the government's welfare reforms are gearing up to protest nationally on Friday this week. One protester has made this sign:

Curious as always I searched the quote. Here is the original:
Morality is doing what's right, regardless of what you're told. Religion is doing what you're told, regardless of what's right."- unknown
It would seem the original quote was a protest against religion. But I didn't think the protester would have come up with the substitution herself.

So I googled images and found this:

This amended phrase actually appears on  the Wisconsin Oath Keepers shared Tenth Amendment Center's photo.

Now  Oathkeepers are libertarian/conservative, nationalist, constitutionalists associated with the Tea Party and would be pro welfare reform. When they talk about not obeying they refer to not obeying what they view as illegal government (the Obama administration) and, for instance, his gutting of the 1990s welfare reform.

It's strange world when left-wingers parade around with right-wing protest banners. Or statists carry the same message as non-statists.


Mark Hubbard said...


There was a photo of some protest or other tweeted on Twitter last night, it said:

'I'm so mad I made this sign'.


Are you on Twitter Lindsay?

Lindsay Mitchell said...


Professor said...

I get your point Lindsay, but no-one among the protesters would get it anyway, regardless of the sign's intent. Mark Hubbard's sign and the protester's sign say the same thing.

thor42 said...

A very good bit of detective work there, Lindsay!

Heh... the lefties *busted!*