Monday, April 16, 2012

Speedy Nats on welfare reform process

April 10 Peseta Sam Lotu-liga advises submissions will close on April 13.

April 16 Peseta Sam Lotu-liga advises submissions closed, 82 received and 34 will be heard 19 and 20 April.

I think I like the pace this government works at. Regarding an earlier social security amendment bill, I had just submitted my comments when the phone rang and I was told to appear the following week.

This time I missed the boat. But mainly because I didn't prioritise, I support the reforms and it's the school holidays. But I will try to attend one of the hearing days as audience, if only to blog back on how it's running or provide some offsetting comment to the media. I imagine that 90-something percent of the submissions will be in opposition and presenters will be looking to garner press coverage.

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