Monday, April 16, 2012

Rajen Prasad: holier- than- thou hypocrite

Rajen Prasad, now a Labour MP but previously Chief Families Commissioner, is criticising the new commissoner for commenting on Sue Moroney's Paid Parental Leave bill:

Families Commissioner On A Slippery Slope

The Chief Families Commissioner unwisely entered into a political debate and should not now try to wiggle out of it, Labour’s Associate Social Development spokesperson and former Chief Commissioner Rajen Prasad says.

“Carl Davidson has taken it upon himself to publically comment on Sue Moroney’s paid parental leave proposal and the economics around it...

...“There is overwhelming consensus on the value of paid parent leave. The Commissioner needed to base his advice on the merits of the case and not on what he believes the country can afford. That is what Treasury is for.

“The Commissioner’s credibility has been damaged and he must seriously consider his position.

But he is no stranger to the game. Prasad used to enter the political debate when he was Chief Commissioner. From 2005:

Rajen Prasad once again shows his political colours

"Families Commission boss Rajen Prasad is clearly protecting his own job with his misguided outburst today attacking Don Brash," says National Party Families spokeswoman Judith Collins....

"It's nothing short of an outrage that the Chief Families Commissioner is defending the current DPB structure in such an overtly political manner.

"Hard working taxpayers have every right to expect those receiving a welfare cheque will perform their duties as responsible parents.

"Why shouldn't parents be held accountable if they knowingly allow their children to remain truant?

"Why shouldn't beneficiary parents be expected to present their children to the doctor and dentist for regular checks, like every other responsible parent?

"Dr Prasad should be making a more balance contribution to this discussion. Instead, he has chosen to play politics," says Ms Collins.

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