Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good on National

1100–1150 votes
National's veto on extending paid parental leave - right or wrong?
  1. Right (62%)
  2. Wrong (33%)
  3. I'm not sure (5%)

Update on poll: At almost 16,000 votes 60 percent say 'right'.

There are times when I get called by the media I am sure because I am the only commentator taking a dissenting view to social spending (apart from the government). The left would like to paint people like me as complete heels for not agreeing that mothers should have ample time to bond with their babies. In fact that's not what I am saying at all. Of course babies should get the best start but that is for their parents to provide for.

So it lifts my spirits when I see that a good number of joe public also agree, or at least believe now is not the time.


WWallace said...

Please keep up your commenting, Lindsay.

The left has more squeaky (or squawky) wheels with time to talk to the media -- or they are the media.

The rest of us are too busy with our lives. You're speaking -- as this poll so clearly indicates -- for the silent majority.

Will H said...

I often find myself telling someone, "Just because they do it in Sweden, doesn't mean it's good!". Then I usually direct them to your blog. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

National should have the guts to do what they were elected to do:
* Not just veto 26 weeks of paid parental leave but also veto the existing paid parental leave

and especially:
* veto the unlimited fully-paid parental leave called the DBP

If you're working the govt pays you for what - 3 months. But if you're a bludger, pretend to "separate" you get unlimited paid parental leave

English needs to veto that too.