Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boy's fun

So what political  'scandals' do we have running at the moment?

The eating-itself-Labour Party, the SkyCity silliness, and the Banks abuse-of-anonymous-allegations. If they were movies and you were booking seats, which would you rather go to?

I'd flag them all in favour of Titanic in 3D, something I have sworn black and blue to avoid.

But what is noticeable as you read the news reports, the blogs, listen to the commentators (which seem lately to have exploded like a rabbit population), and watch the telly, is the domination of the male.

These wrangles are tawdry substitutes for a real contest; a dignified and meaningful expenditure of testosterone for a worthy cause.

Mallard, Banks, Joyce, Trotter, Shearer, Edwards, Whale Oil, Farrar, DotCom, Roberts, Brown, Campbell, Garner, Gower and other lesser known players. All men.

(No, you aren't at the Hand Mirror).

I make this generalisation. Women involve themselves more in policy matters, in advocacy and practical coalface stuff. For this I respect them.

The trouble is, they are nearly all socialists. Even those characterised as on the 'right' are not particularly radical and at best will broadly maintain the status quo.

So while the afore-mentioned dramas play out, behind-the-scenes legislative matters, those that will really affect lives, form the more important battles.

(And note that Jacinda Ardern has kept a very low profile media-wise. Politically smart if not policy clever).


Anonymous said...

The real scandal is that every week we continue to flush a billion dollars down the toilet marked 'benefits' and another billion down the toilet marked 'health and education' - and all for people who don't care enough about themselves and their families to take personal responsibility for their food, shelter, health & education. People who don't love their kids basically.

Borrowing for benefits - what Key called "communism by stealth" - that's the biggest scandal in NZ

English obviously knows what needs to be done - but hasn't got the guts to do it.

Anonymous said...

The real elephant in the room and seemingly invisible to most, is the number of people being picked off, killed quite often for little more than pocket money. Bus driver today, Radio journalist not so long ago and many in between featuring in newspapers disturbingly too often. No bigger scandal than that. Are the socially disconnected going to predate on us like wild savages for the cost of a packet of fags, until the economy improves? One has to live to enjoy retirement and ignoring the cult of the savage who roam our society has holds a far more important place than scandal of trivia.

JC said...

"Women involve themselves more in policy matters, in advocacy and practical coalface stuff."

(Translation) They make the bullets that Trevor and Grant fire in the House :)


Anonymous said...

It could be that the right wing in general are more sexist and the women try but end up leaving or being shafted. I can think of one right wing party that seems to have a revolving door policy for women. Catherine Isaac being the one notable exception. And Heather Roy lasted a long time but in the end, couldn't win the battle.