Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Singapore's 'welfare state'

Recently I had the pleasure of spending the day with James Bartholomew when he visited NZ as part of a research tour in preparation for a follow up book to his The Welfare State We're In.
After NZ he was on his way back to Australia and then on to Singapore. This article from the Spectator describes what he found in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Singapore doesn't have a collapsing culture. The Anglosphere does.

Danyl said...

In Singapore the government owns their - incredibly profitable - port, along with almost all other private and commercial real estate, and most of the businesses. If we nationalised most of our economy we could have real low income taxes too.

Manolo said...

Yes, Danyl. We should also change the name to the Democratic People's Republic of New Zealand (DPRNZ), the North Korea of the South Pacific.

Paulus said...

Whilst I like Singapore very much it is effectively a Government dictatorship, and quietly very class and racially conscious.
You step out of line at your peril.
Try dropping a piece of paper in the street and see what happens.
Could not happen in New Zealand as we are a socially undiscipline country.