Friday, March 23, 2012

Rodney Hide and Winston Peters together on Radio Live

Rodney Hide is co-hosting with Willie Jackson again today on Radio Live. From 2pm Winston Peters will join  them. Will be interesting. Rodney has no constraints on him now, apart of course, from  those imposed by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Update:  That was very hard to listen to. Winston is the worst and most wicked weasel ever. Rodney took him to task on his parliamentary insinuations about Nick Smith, and Peters barefacedly denied them, maintaining that his reference to 'sex' in the quote, "a shabby little case that involved blackmail, sex and a minister with a conflict of interest" was a reference to the sexual abuse victims whose details were wrongly sent to Bronwyn Puller. He is a revolting person.


Anonymous said...

Never heard that exchange, but agree that Peters is revolting. What staggers me more than his blatant hypocrisy and stupendous ego is the fact that over 5% of Kiwis voted for this odious little excuse for a man.

Anonymous said...

Peters is doing a marvellous job, and his return to Parliament means that New Zealanders support and believe in him.

Which is more than I could say about you lot and your shaky Rodney Hide.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the second comment. I voted for Peters because he is good opposition. He smart and makes lots of sense. I use to vote Act until I saw that Rodney Hide was protecting his portfolio and John Key was flip flopping left and right. Peters is doing a great job and I will vote for him in 2014.