Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another pointless probe into poverty

Another pointless exercise to find out what we already know and squabble over the 'solutions'. Waste of time and money. Just announced by the Children's Commissioner:

Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills has today announced the formation of an experts group to find solutions to child poverty. 

“In New Zealand one in five children are growing up in poverty. The evidence overwhelmingly shows these children are doing badly and will continue to do badly
throughout their lives.

“Which is why I’ve pulled together 13 of the best minds in the country - experts in fields such as health, social policy, business, law and education - to find solutions.

“It’s not going to be easy. The answers to child poverty are likely to be complex, plus we’re constrained by the current economic climate. But I’m confident this group will
come up with recommendations that will make a difference. 

“I’ve asked to them to find realistic, pragmatic and effective ways to combat child poverty – both short-term answers and longer-term solutions. The group will examine the best available local and international evidence and experience, and make recommendations that will make a tangible difference in New Zealand. 

“I’m looking for advice that is broader than income because the issues of poverty are more complex than that. The group is likely to explore improving opportunities and outcomes for disadvantaged children through evidence-based interventions in health, social services, education and community development. 

“And with Maori and Pacific children over-represented in the poverty statistics, I want to see the specific interests of these children addressed. 

“The group will provide a final report to me by the end of this year. A draft report will
be made publicly available prior to this – and we will be consulting with the community at this stage,” he said. 

Children and young people will also be included in this process.   The Commissioner will use the recommendations from the experts group to provide advice to the Government in time to inform the Ministerial Committee on Poverty. 

“The Ministerial Committee has the same goals – to find tangible gains in both the near future and longer-term. And they’re focussed on getting value for money in a tight economic climate. 

“The solutions I will be presenting will come from an independent and child-focussed perspective but also take into account the need to spend the tax dollar wisely,” he said. 

The Expert Advisory Group will be co-chaired by Professor Jonathan Boston from the
School of Government at Victoria University and Dr Tracey McIntosh from Auckland University. Their bios and those of the other members of the group are listed below. 

“We’ve selected each of these people because of their skill, knowledge and passion for what they do. I’m excited about what they will achieve as a group and confident their recommendations will contribute to better outcomes for children,” said the Commissioner. 


For more information or to request an interview with Dr Russell Wills, please contact
Anna Santos on 027 696 5101 or a.santos@occ.org.nz 

The "best" minds include overt leftists like,

Major Campbell Roberts who says the National government has "no moral authority" for its welfare reforms.

Phillipa Howden-Chapman, a public health campaigner who believes, "The most important issue yet to be accomplished in public health is showing that the ideas and policies we suggest can make a difference to reducing inequalities in the access to some of the good things of life – warm housing, adequate income, opportunities for on-going education and interesting, secure jobs."

Bob Stephens - "For a country that has a long history of legitimate pride in its welfare state, the position of New Zealand is disappointing and helps explain the paucity of recent child outcomes," he says. "Until there are  increases in the level of generosity to families with dependent children, adverse outcomes for children are like to bedevil the country for years to come."

Nikki Turner of the Child Poverty Action Group - say no more.


Chuck Bird said...

I am sure modesty prevents Dr Russell Wills from specifically referring to himself as one of the best minds in the country.

It would be nice to see a little balance in the group. Bob McCoskrie has just posted an article on the economic benefits of marriage to the individual and the country.

I wonder if one has to share Dr Wills views on smacking to be part of the group.

JC said...

Until experts are prepared to state that there must be strong incentives and disincentives to benefits we will always have "poor" children.


Chuck Bird said...

It is not much consolation but it appears to be worse in the UK.

Check out

Britain witnessing total collapse of the family


Anonymous said...

"Until there are increases in the level of generosity to families with dependent children....."

We are a family with dependent children and 7.2% of our gross household income is spent by MSD on other people with dependent children. We are generous enough already thanks very much!

Oswald Bastable said...

All that is going through these 'minds' is how to stay on this latest run of the gravy train!

Anonymous said...

7.2% of our gross household income

It'll be much much more than that when you add in health, education & especially super - all for degenerates who can't look after themselves and don't love their parents or their kids enough to look after them properly.

More like 50% once you add in rates & GST & ACC.

James said...

His case summed up in the same words as always..."Give these people more of other peoples money and cross your fingers that something different happens this time".

Anonymous said...

15% of our gross household income is spent by the government on education, health and MSD. If more people figured out these stats for their own income I'm sure there would be much more outrage. The old fashioned method of tithing 10% looks cheap in comparison.

Anonymous said...

15% of our gross household income is spent by the government on education, health and MSD.

GST is 15%. If you're only paying 15% of your Gross Income then you must be on a benefit yourself.

thor42 said...


How many MORE talkfests must there be before people see the bleeding obvious - that stealing money from family A and then throwing it at family B DOES NOT WORK.