Monday, October 10, 2011

Better news from ACT

From Scoop:

In a joint press statement, ACT Party Leader Don Brash and President Chris Simmons today confirmed that all ACT candidates would move one place up the list to fill the position vacated by the Party’s retiring Parliamentary Leader John Boscawen, and that the number two spot would be filled by former Party President Catherine Isaac.

I have a lot of time for Catherine. This is just what ACT needs. Someone with quiet dignity, strength and courage.


Blair said...

Judd was an awful President whose opposition to Hide and to a run in Epsom hurt the party greatly, but I'm hopeful she will make a much better MP. And since she has to work with Banks, whom she secretly tried to foist on the Party in Hide's place, karma is going to be a bitch. :-P

James said...

Too old,other more personally distressing issues that will take up her time...and just too late.Bring back Cactus Kate...or let ACT die and lets all move on.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

James, Go read Cactus' post.

In any case you are in breach of your own principles by being collectivist (ageist) and not respecting an individual's ability to make their own personal decisions:-)

James said...

I did Lindsay.....and it changes nothing.And I'm being objective about the reality of her situation...and how it relates to ACT.With Banks in the drivers seat and Don reduced to looking a fool by him I really can't give a damn its independence for me. ;-)