Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brawling women probably state wives

I missed this story until I found time to rifle through the pages of the DomPost later in the day. It's basically a brawling story with little to recommend the victim either, although the reporting is somewhat ambiguous. 8 women set upon a single woman in retaliation for an earlier incident. The attack was vicious and happened late in the evening in Stokes Valley.

Acting Senior Sergeant Donna Rider said the attack was linked to an ongoing dispute but said the behaviour was "disgusting". "I'm horrified at the level of violence from these women. The other aspect to it is that two of them are pregnant and several others claim to be pregnant.

"One of them is eight months pregnant ... [you] can only guess at what kind of parents they'll make."

"Claiming" to be pregnant to avoid court-ordered consequences no doubt. Exploiting their babies even before they are born.

My heart, and maybe yours, goes out to the innocent babies that these women will bring into the world. But it won't be going out to them for long.

A few years down the track they will have grown into replicas of their mothers, in some form or fashion. And it is quite probable that they will all be raised on your money. Time to coin a new phrase. Add to state houses, state wives. Like many state houses they symbolise a seedy side of New Zealand that social policy makers seem unremittingly determined to sponsor.


Manolo said...

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but this can be summed up as "scum breeding scum".

Anonymous said...

Just yet another example where armed police would have saved many millions of dollars of taxpayer spending.

Oswald Bastable said...
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Oswald Bastable said...


Welfare Witches
State Scrubbers
Benefit Beasts

Anonymous said...

This post is bad, sad, ugly, depressing and TRUE!

The inevitability of their offsprings' future is the true tragedy. These women are beyond hope, beyond decency and civility, and their gross shadows will fall upon their descendants as an affliction of state-funded hopelessness.

There is no answer.


James said...

"There is no answer.

There is.....stop funding it.

We are not fixing the problem of scumbag single mothers raising crap kids ,we are subsidisng it.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right James. Our society is more than tolerating this but encouraging it through financing it. I think it is within the definition of genocide by welfare.


Anonymous said...

The only way to stop welfare dependency is to stop welfare.

From the Dole to the DBP to the Pension to the Student Loans to the Health to the "Education".

Stop funding it.

just Stop.

Shane Pleasance said...

Lets put welfare back in the hands of the community - local charity working with local people. Connecting recipients with donors and jobs, putting responsibility & humility back.