Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Tobacco taxes + disarmed shop-owners = an invitation to violence " x 2

This morning PC writes about Tobacco taxes + disarmed shop-owners = an invitation to violence

“Four masked men have robbed a Palmerston North dairy at gunpoint, threatening the owners and an elderly customer….They stole the cash register and a quantity of tobacco before fleeing and eluding a police cordon…
“The Association of Community Retailers (ACR) today linked the robbery with the Government's sudden hike in tobacco tax last week.
"' ‘They don't need to rob a bank for a mere $5000 when it's easier to rob a dairy of double that amount of value in tobacco products,’ said tobacco spokesman Richard Green.”

Here's another just up the line;

Five youths, two aged 17 and three aged 14, burst into the Belt Rd Dairy in New Plymouth about 6.30pm on Sunday and threatened the owner with what appeared to be a pistol...

...New Plymouth CIB Detective Sergeant Greg Gray said the group grabbed a large quantity of cigarettes and tobacco and cash before leaving the shop.

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Anonymous said...

Disarmed show owners AND disarmed cops.

Arm both and ensure the legal framework is in place to allow quick and effective use of firearms.

This will not only stop crime, it will also be an effective way to reduce benefit dependency