Monday, April 26, 2010

Tapu Misa on private enterprise

Motivated by the government's plans to allow the private sector into prison management and accident insurance Tapu Misa today wades into the evils of privatisation. She ends with this;

As a former comptroller of the US, David Walker noted in 2007: "There's something civil servants have that the private sector doesn't. And that is the duty of loyalty to the greater good - the duty of loyalty to the collective best interest of all rather than the interests of a few. Companies have duties of loyalty to their shareholders, not the country."

There is something else civil servants have that the private sector doesn't. And that is access to funds that are guaranteed through the force of the state. Their jobs do not rely on producing either a good or service that customers will voluntarily meet the cost of.

I hope at some future date Tapu Misa is going to write a column slating private ownership of the media because companies only serve the interests of a few and profits go offshore. She could cite her own employer as an example.


Manolo said...

Misa is an unabashed socialist who doesn't know what she's talking about.

With the experience of having worked in both sectors, I can conclude the dedication (and reward) of private enterprise employees is hardly matched by its public service counterparts.

bez said...

One might add that Miss Misa doesn't provide even a hint of evidence that her wide statement has any basis in fact at all. It is a meaningless generalization.