Thursday, March 11, 2010

Voluntary sterilisation is "self-mutilation"

Garth George makes some fairly astonishing statements in his column today. Bearing in mind many men and women choose either to have a vasectomy or tubal ligation (myself included) theses pronouncements are just weird;

It [voluntary sterilisation] would be accepted by only a handful of men and women, if that, since even the mentally challenged - as child abusers invariably are - would shrink at being reduced to sterility, robbed of the inalienable human right to reproduce.

...I have a dear friend here in Rotorua, a man rich in years, in experience and wisdom, strong and enduring in his Christian faith, who has spent a lifetime serving his God, his family and his church.

We talk often and at great length of the things of God and the things of the world. He contends, and I agree, that voluntary sterilisation amounts to self-mutilation and renounces the natural law of self-preservation.

Thanks for sharing such an enlightened view Mr George.


JCUKNZ's blog said...

George needs to appreciate that the "natural law of self-preservation." is actually a natural law of self destruction for the homo sapien as we breed ourself to a number too large for our environment.

Anonymous said...

George is an idiot.

For a start- we don't want to mutilate the productive - only the unproductive, and the bludgers!

Of course we want to - we must - stop preserving these kind of people.

That's why ACT's David Garrett is the most talked-about politician in NZ for the last week, and why these policies are the way for ACT to make a really difference in NZ


Two words, Unbelievable and Ignorant, adding another three, "What a twat".

Peter said...

Vasectomy or tubal ligation is designed to disable some rather important bodily functions, in a fairly crude fashion. It's quite easy to see how that can be seen as mutilation. Not everyone will feel the same way but I wouldn't call it unenlightened.

Anyway he is correct. Accepting the kind of voluntary sterilization being talked about, means accepting society's judgement that you and your kind are useless and unwanted. Even if they don't want children, most people aren't going to do that in exchange for a few dollars.

Oswald Bastable said...

Let the likes of George pick up the ENTIRE tab for the actions and inactions of the layabout classes.

You love them so much- YOU pick up the tab!

Peter said...

How about simply encouraging people to pick up the tab for their own actions. Far better than fantasizing about eugenics.