Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goff's speech - warning

Don't waste your time reading it.

Spun to be something it wasn't.

In a nutshell;

The recovery. All should share in it. Every NZer wants to work and should be paid at least $15 an hour. State sector chiefs shouldn't be paid more than $400,000 though. Rich bankers and CEOs of finance companies should be dealt with. The rich should pay their way and benefit fraudsters should be cracked down on (so National can't use them to cut social services.) No child should be left behind because all parents want the best for their children. But the community is responsible for stepping in where parents fail. Three strikes sucks and a promise to address Maori and Pacific educational failure. Tax reform must be fair. Beat the R&D funding drum.

Stephen Franks was wrong. More's the pity.

Grassroots Labour's Kaine Thompson says Labour lost the last election because voters became bored with them. Nothing in this speech is going to change that. If this is his best, Phil Goff should pursue a new direction in life.

Lord, I am tired of vapid politicians.


Stephen Franks said...

I've not seen the full text yet, but sadly, if he is travelling in the right direction it is facing backwards and with gravel spraying in all directions

Anonymous said...

Labour did not lose the last election because voters got 'bored' with them. Labour lost it's way, did not care about majority view, went madly down the path of social engineering, became arrogant and lofty, did not sack dishonest ministers and were all far too controlled by Helen.

Anonymous said...

Goff is just playing to the crowd in an attempt to win favour with the mass.

I reckon he will be gone before the next elction or straight after. He's a bit like Mike Moore who was only a caretaker but still gets to be called an Ex PM.

As with Moore, there will be life after death for Goff.

Right or wrong, good or bad. i t dont matter its all about politics.


Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time reading it.

Of course not. No National govt has ever lasted less than three terms. No need to worry about Labour until 2018 at least.

Anonymous said...

Goff is hardly worth thinking about and it begs the question why the media trawls around him looking for something masquerading as substance; let alone policy.


Cactus Kate said...

I don't know Lindsay, I had much fun reading it then dissecting the actual language. :)

Lindsay said...

Your dissection of it was the only redeeming factor.