Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Benefits by region

My analysis of the latest benefit data;

Things to note;

1/ The DPB has the highest numbers in all bar two regions.
2/ The Canterbury and Southern regions have disproportionately high numbers on invalid benefits (and high ratios due to psychological and psychiatric reasons). These are the only regions where there are more people on IB than DPB.
3/ Auckland is the only region that has more sickness beneficiaries than invalid beneficiaries.
4/ The growth in sickness benefits has been very high over the past year averaging 16 percent nationally, compared to 4 percent in the previous year. It is highest in the Waikato which also features the highest DPB growth.
5/ Wellington, home of government, has the lowest unemployment benefit growth; Canterbury the highest.

You may notice and want to comment on other aspects of the data. But the graphs do not paint a very bright picture.


bez said...

Well, they DO show that motherhood, welfare and bureaucracy are lovely strong and consistent growth sectors.
Time to turn them into an export business!

Anonymous said...

Wellington, home of government, has the lowest unemployment

This is by far the most serious statistic and must be attended to with extreme urgency!