Saturday, August 29, 2009

Enough of the Kennedy worship

Sheldon Richman, from the Future of Freedom Foundation, takes an objective look at what Edward Kennedy stood for.

In theory government is supposed to be the servant. Yet in practice it is not the servant but the master. Kennedy surely would have disagreed, and he might have meant it. But facts are facts. When a self-described servant insists on taking care of you according to his notion of your interests, whether or not you want his help and whether or not you want to surrender the necessary resources, he is no servant at all. He is the master. You will be served — or else.



Lucy said...

He was a good little socialist wasn't he?

brian_smaller said...

I liek the quote I read - think it was Mark Steyn but not sure. All this talk of Camalot perhaps some words could be spared for the Lady in the Lake.