Monday, June 01, 2009

Forget the Third Way

Forget the Third Way. Next up is the Golden Rule. It is apparently France's creative response to the ongoing class wars and the so-called 'failure of capitalism';

There is an inner circle in the Elysee Palace, very close to the President, that is launching trial balloons to prepare ground-breaking legislation for a Golden Rule for a sort of purified, moralised, benevolent and above all New Capitalism to end all class wars. Its cornerstone would be the Rule of Three, meaning roughly that profit would not belong to the owner (e.g. the shareholders) of an enterprise, but would have to be divided into three equal parts, one for dividends, one for the wage-earners and one for investment. The future profit yielded by this investment would again fall under the Rule of Three, and so on to eternity. This would serve a "more just distribution of wealth".

Good God. It's almost obscene. Read the entire column here.

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ZenTiger said...

If that's not enough, the rule of three is always an unspoken rule of three + three.

One for the workers (and then taxed)
One for the dividends (taxed)
One for investment (taxed).