Saturday, June 13, 2009

All Black conjecture over-confident

Regular readers of this blog will know I love to calculate chances.

Listening to SportsTalk on Radio Live this morning, walking the dog along the beach, I was underwhelmed by the cockiness of the commentators regarding the chances of the All Blacks winning against France in Dunedin tonight. The only debate was over how much they would win by. The French would roll over and die after 10 minutes, apparently. One individual had placed $200,000 on the All Blacks with the TAB bookies.

The bookies will be slumping over their desks in relief.

The payout to me for guessing Ma'a Nonu would score the last try but France would win was a mere $66.


Anonymous said...

Try betting with Much better odds usually available there.
The TAB is a rip-off.
Glad the all-blacks lost, I'm so sick of rugby and having it shoved down my throat all the time.
Betfair are good and your winnings are in your bank in a week if you withdraw them.

Anonymous said...

Libs should love betfair, free market
flat 5% "tax" on earnings. Try in play betting on tennis sometime. Say a big even match at Wimbledon.

Buggerlugs said...

I was probably the only person at Carisbrook celebrating at fulltime - $100 @ $6.25 on the French and $10 @ $60 on the score to be 5 point win to patriotism was put aside briefly to enjoy the moment!

Lindsay said...

Um. What are you doing next game Buggerlugs?