Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I shook my head as I watched and listened to Jhia Te Tua's father on TV3 tonight;

The mother of murdered Wanganui toddler Jhia Te Tua says she plans to leave the country to start a new life with her new baby boy.

Ria Gardiner will leave behind her Black Power partner Josh Te Tua, who says he sees no other option but return to Wanganui and avenge his daughter, who was killed during a drive-by gang shooting last year.

Te Tua has been undergoing counselling in the wake of his daughter’s death, but his anger at the 12 men charged over Jhia’s murder remains deeply entrenched.

The 22-year-old says revenge is inevitable and no plans to return to Wanganui and the Black Power.

While the 12 charged over Jhia’s death face a depositions hearing in Wellington next month, Te Tua himself will also be before the courts in Wanganui for an unrelated incident.

He, along with three associates, is charged with using a firearm against police and could face jail.

Jia Gardiner says she is awaiting her baby boy’s birth certificate and then plans a new life in Australia with family, away from the conflict.

During the interview he said, struggling, It's the anger thing......

More like it's the excitement thing. Exacting utu is more exciting than being a dad caring for his son. Pathetic and very sad.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I commented that Jhia's mother was at least partly to blame for her daughter's death by her choice of partner and lifestyle - living with an active gang member. Perhaps I was being a little harsh on her, because it looks as though she may have realised that if you lay with dogs you get fleas, and is making a move to remove herself from the kennel. I wish her the best.

As to Josh Te Tua. He is a waste of space. A disgrace to men who care about their families. If he wants utu he should shoot himself.

Brian Smaller

Lindsay said...

And the Maori Party want the 100,000 Maori living in Australia to come home....but on the other hand, act as apologists for gangs.