Sunday, May 06, 2007

Child murder and what will ensue

Do you have the feeling this, the drive-by murder of a two year girl in Wanganui, is just the start of another sickening circus? We are going to see wailing, wringing of hands, a huge tangi, gang members on bikes escorting a hearse, and finally court scenes where people hurl threats of utu or pledges to stand by thugs and murderers.

The prospect is sickening. I hope I am wrong.


MikeE said...

You forgot the call for gun controll (even though the weapon used was probably illegally possessed anyway).

Anonymous said...

30 officers assigned to the case...I don't even want to know how much that is going to cost. If it wasn't for innocent victims like that child those people should just be left to kill each other off. And why are the relatives of the child even surprised she got shot? If you raise a kid in a gang environment you should know the risks you are taking.