Sunday, November 19, 2006

Asian abortion

Further from Deborah Coddington's column;

Here's a disturbing fact: in 2003 four of every five pregnant Asian women aborted their babies. Do we keep abortion as a last-resort method of birth control, or accept it's a casual approach to contraception?

"Four of every five" where??

Not here. In 2003 there were 5285 births to Asian mothers and 3502 Asian abortions. So 40 percent of pregnancies ended in abortion. In 2004 this dropped to 36 percent. Neither figure is anywhere near 80 percent.

I got the distinct impression she was writing about Asians in New Zealand. Did you?


Anonymous said...

It certainly looks as if she just pulls claims out of thin air. She's not that good a writer and even when I agree with her I don't necessarily trust her. What she wrote was bigoted and a disgrace and instead of trying to defend it she should front up, apologize and then shut up. One term in parliament was more than enough. A methinks her writing career should follow the same path.

aus blog said...

World estimations of the number of terminations carried out each year is somewhere between 20 and 88 million.

Over 3,500 per day / Over 1.3 million per year in America alone.

50% of that 1.3 million claimed failed birth control was to blame.

A further 48% had failed to use any birth control at all.

And 2% had medical reasons.

That means a staggering 98% may have been avoided had an effective birth control been used.

People have to stop using abortion as birth control.

I'd like to see effective birth control made available to all who can't afford it.

If conception is NOT when life begins,and a clump of cells is just that and not a living human being.
Then at least concider this-

Soon after you were conceived you were no more than a clump of cells.
This clump of cells was you at your earliest stage, you had plenty of growing to do but this clump of cells was you none the less. Think about it.
Aren't you glad you were left unhindered to develope further.
Safe inside your mother's womb until you were born.

Not Tze Ming Mok said...

Tze Ming Mok on Public Address System today:

"Where on earth is DC getting her statistics from?"

Good question. The Statistics NZ figures show clearly that it is only pregnant Asian *teenagers* who display the 80+% abortion rate, compared with the 50+% abortion rate of pregnant Pakeha teenagers. Additionally, 'Asian' teenagers have the lowest pregnancy rate in the country. Here is the rather clear and concise summary of the statistical information that Coddington seemed unable to read.

In 2002, European women had an abortion ratio of 209, below the national average of 242, while Asian women had a ratio of 374. The corresponding ratios for Māori and Pacific women were 245 and 243, respectively. Among women aged under 20 years, Asian women had the highest crude abortion ratio (824 abortions per 1,000 known pregnancies), compared with European (534), Pacific (377) and Māori (331) women.

Quite apart from this, I wasn't aware that abortion was a crime, let alone an 'Asian crime.',69,

Anonymous said...

"Aren't you glad you were left unhindered to develope further."

Assume the opposite for a second. Would it bother you? Obviously not since a non-existant person can't be bothered.

But it doesn't stop there nor should it. For instance aren't you glad that your father's sperm was deposited in your mother that time! If not you wouldn't be here. Would that imply that masturbation ought to be a crime? Or even contraception? The Catholic Church would say both are wrong using precisely this sort of "logic".

belt said...

Beware anyone who uses percentages to make a comparison between dissimilar things.

Percentages are OK when you say that this year there is a 5% increase on the same issue as last year (all other things being equal)

But when you say that ethnic group A has a 50% increase in some statistic while ethnic group B only has 10%, it seriously skews perception when you are not told that group A went from 1 to 2 and group B from 100 to 110.

I conclude that DC is attempting to deliberately mislead in both articles, and that just reduces my opinion of her further.

In fact, I found the recent article about 72% more misleading than those written last week. :)

aus blog said...

anonymous ,

I am of course talking about once you were conceived, anything before that doesn't matter.

The facts are you were conceived, you were born and you do exist,
aren't you glad of that ?

Anonymous said...

Aus you still aren't getting there. Assume that my mother aborted at 1 week. I still would never have developed as a human being and therefore that fact could neither cause me distress or givve me comfort.

And your point was that the foetus was left "unhindered to develop". Thus a life was born. Sperm deposited, as opposed to sperm not deposited, left unhindered, develops into a human as well. That does not imply there is an obligation to allow it to do so.

iiq374 said...

Aus blog
I'd like to see effective birth control made available to all who can't afford it.

Girls can already get boxes of 50 condoms for about $2. Could you get any more affordable?

Anonymous said...

From Statistics New Zealand:

There are also significant differences in the abortion ratio between ethnic groups when analysed by age. In 2003, four in every five (81 percent) of pregnant Asian teenagers (aged under 20 years) aborted their pregnancy. The European teenagers had the next highest figure (55 percent), while Māori teenagers had the lowest ratio (32 percent). Similarly, about 65 percent of the pregnant Asian women aged 20–24 years, but only 26 percent of their Māori counterparts, terminated their pregnancies – the majority of Māori women deciding to continue the pregnancy. Beyond the age of 25, European women tend to have the lowest abortion ratios.