Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another question

What does this group of people have in common?
Annette King
Clayton Cosgrove
Dover Samuels
Winnie Laban
Dianne Yates
Winston Peters
Peter Brown
Brian Donnelly
Ron Mark
Doug Woolerton
Barbara Stewart
Pita Paraone
Gordon Copeland
Jim Anderton
Tony Ryall
John Carter
Craig Foss
John Hayes
Martin Gallagher
Ashraf Choudhary


Jason Watson said...

... lack of neuron activity?

Lindsay said...

Jason, On this matter in particular, yes.

Dave said...

They are all over 20 and can legally buy a beer from the pub, no matter what the drinking age is

Gavin said...

They are so separated from their electorates that they think changing the law will change culture.

pdm said...

gavin - I am not sure you can say that about Craig Foss. He seems to be very active in the community from what I see and read.

In answer to Lyndsays question they semm a dispaarte lot with little in common apart from being MP's so I give in.

pdm said...

oops spelling (typos) wasn't too crash hot. Should be

seems and

Gavin said...

Well he still seems to think that young adults will always obey the letter of the law